lost-walletLast weekend, I traveled to Walt Disney World for a few days for a girls’ weekend.  I purchased a new travel wallet for the trip, and packed up a few of my credit cards, some cash, and my driver’s license.  Just a few hours after I arrived, I lost my wallet in a very crowded expo hall, and panicked for about a half hour while I searched around for it – retracing my steps and visiting lost and found. After meeting up with my friend and telling her about my lost wallet, she realized she had actually found a wallet and turned it in.  Luckily, it was still where she turned it in!

After that experience, I realized that I wasn’t at all prepared for losing my wallet.  So here are some tips that I’ll follow for my next trip!

  • Leave something in your hotel safe.  In the future, I’ll be leaving one credit card, a copy of my driver’s license, and some cash in the hotel safe, in case I lose anything.  I just kept thinking that I’d be completely stuck with absolutely no money if I didn’t find my wallet.
  • Make copies of everything in your wallet, and leave them with someone at home. If my wallet hadn’t been found, I would have had a diffficult time canceling all of my credit cards, because I didn’t have all of the numbers safely stored.  In the future, I’ll be leaving these copies with my parents, so I can always call them if I need to.  This is also helpful if you aren’t traveling – because you can always lose your wallet.
  • If traveling with a passport or passport card, leave it in the hotel safe.  A passport would really not be easy to replace if lost, and leaving it in the safe is really the best place for it.

Any other tips?