ellenmendlIn light of the Royal Wedding, I thought you guys might enjoy the Tea training I had from world renowned tea expert Ellen Easton who tried to refine me during an English Afternoon Tea at the famous Lady Mendl’s Tearoom in Manhattan. Besides being a tea expert, Ellen Easton is other credits include, author, columnist, designer, lecturer, and consultant to leading hotels whose clients have included The Plaza, The Stanhope, Waldorf-Astoria.

But it goes much furhter than that, Ellen Easton’s interest in tea is ancestral. Ellen’s family, in the early 1800s, contributed greatly to the development of the Colony of Ceylon by introducing 205 tea plants from Assam, India, building one of the first, biggest and best cultivated tea plantations on the island.

Ancestors Sir Benjamin Phillips (1811-1889) and his son Sir George Faudel Phillips (1840-1922) both served as the Lord Mayor of London during the reign of Queen Victoria, in 1866 and 1898 respectively. Sir George Faudel Phillips presided as the Lord Mayor of London during Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

So if you want to know how to do a proper tea, take it from the woman who ancestors have served the royal family. Watch and enjoy, it’s not as easy as you think 🙂