hotel_checkinWhy is it that, upon checking into a hotel, many adult travelers seem to throw common sense (as well as their manners) our the window? I’ve seen it all – from intentionally closing the elevator doors when someone is approaching to leaving a guest room extraordinarily messy, business – and other – travelers can be downright rude. Remember these tips the next time you check into a hotel.

Turn it off. If you are leaving the room, turn off the lights, television, coffee maker and anything else using electricity that you won’t be needing. It’s not only wasting electricity, but it’s potentially dangerous.

Clean it up. Throw away any trash, such as paper coffee cups, soda cans, takeout containers, newspapers and any other debris laying around. In addition, try to straighten up a little before leaving your room for the day, such as putting wet towels in the tub and picking up dirty clothes and putting them away; it will make the housekeeping staff’s job a little easier.

Leave it there. If you aren’t going to use the soap, leave it in its packaging. Same goes for the shampoo, lotion, coffee and anything else in the room. Leave it there for someone else to use.


Keep it down. There are other people all around you. Do your neighbors a favor and turn down the television or radio – especially if you’re on your way out. While you’re at it, don’t run or yell in the hallway.

What kind of rude behavior have you seen in a hotel?