A few weeks ago, I made my first long distance drive. The journey from New Jersey to Ohio was scheduled to take nine hours according to Rand McNally, but after the many bathroom and food breaks the kids requested, it took more like 11 hours. Luckily we split it over two days, and it felt fine. I declared myself ready to go again soon. But today we’re headed to the Outer Banks in North Carolina and the Rand McNally clock in begins at 12 hours. Would we leave at 6AM to arrive at night? Or drive through the night? Either option sounds grueling. Seems like the magical number is a limit of ten hours. Anything longer just seems superhuman. So we’re boarding two connecting flights to avoid that long drive, but our journey will still end up clocking in at over seven hours. And will cost us a great deal more. So tell me – am I a wimp? Have you done longer roadtrips that ten hours?