8 Things a traveling mom would love and why (or at least what FlyingMom wants this year)1. Personal Media Viewers from Myvu – Hands-free viewing of my movies from my iPOD?! These are just cool, and nobody else would have them anyway, so I can look like I’m rich.2. ScanFast Laptop Briefcase- This helps me get my laptop through security without taking it out of the bag and dropping all my papers, change, makeup and ahhh let’s just say…personals all over the airport floor. Need it BAD!3.Gravity Defyer Shoes – After traipsing around the airport (globe for that matter) why not put on a pair of these shoes that allegedly relieve pain, reduce fatigue, align your spine, help you walk faster, slenderize your calves and make you look 2” taller? While they’re at it, can they do the dishes too?4. Toothbrush Sanitizer from Hammacher Schlemmer – Can’t tell you how many times I have opened my plastic toothbrush container and not been overjoyed with what awaited me. And I have to use this thing for the next 3 days? This sanitizer could save me many a sleepless night.5. 150 Country Travel Adapter Hammacher Schlemmer – This is great…much better then the little baggie of adapters I carry now. Well…when I remember it…and I usually have the European adapters when I’m in Asia.6. Mobal GSM World Phone – I have an international plan on my phone now, but this one is only $49 and can be used in over 150 countries, with really cheap rates.7. Noise Cancelling Headphones from Richard Solo – I never got any of these from other manufacturers, because they were way too pricey. These are super affordable, and they fold up and go into a little travel pouch. Perfect for a little escape.8. Sony Webbie HD Camera – I can’t take you with me, but I’ll show you what I’m up to…if I had this of course.