meandmytravelingdadLast year for Mother’s Day I wrote about travels with mom. And last week about raising a happy traveler. Now it’s Father’s Day and it’s dad’s turn. My father was a huge influence on my becoming a happy traveler.

Despite being a native born American, he’s always considered himself a bit of an alien. Growing up in Mexico to missionary parents created a multi-cultural sensitivity that he passed on to me both through his character and through our own travels.

Much of how we traveled would probably terrify the child safety experts, but boy was it fun. The motorbike that took us in and out of the village in Nepal. The orange VW we sometimes literally lived in on the road (sleeping on a mattress in the back while Dad drove!). 

My dad made every trip fun. He recently recalled a trip where I was up much during the night thoroughly enjoying looking outside at the deer and other animals. And how my big brother was jealous he slept through it. 


We played games. We stayed with their friends, and made new ones of our own. Because of this and so much more, I developed the ability to adapt easily and enjoy traveling to strange new places. And I hope I am passing this on to my own children.