summer_homeworkI remember being asked to read over summer vacation, but since I was a big reader, it wasn’t much of a chore.  My summer vacations were filled with days at the beach and long evening sessions of kick the can with the neighborhood kids.

But my kids have tons of summer homework:   pages and pages of math problems, a book report to read , a biography and five other books to read, and three chapters in the grammar workbook they didn’t get to during the school year.

It’s enough to ruin my summer vacation.

Yes, you read that right.  I said MY vacation.  Not theirs.  Because the truth is, I’m the one who has to remind them, and bug them, and make sure they do it.  And that makes me the bad guy.

I know that there’s an argument for making them the responsible ones.  If they don’t do their homework, let them suffer the consequences.  Yeah, well, they’re ten. It’s summer.  And there’s a pool out back here at their grandparents’ house where we are spending a good chunk of our time.


I’m not leaving it to chance.  Why SHOULD they think about homework?  I know, I know – keeping their minds fresh, blah blah blah.  Mostly, I think it’s just busy work that doesn’t accomplish much.  Not all – just most.

Summer is for getting away, and letting loose, and unstructured play, and lazy mornings.  I don’t expect them to be conscientious about homework. It’s summer!!

I guess no matter how many frogs you catch, or sand castles you build, or bike rides to the beach my kids go on, they don’t really get to get away for the summer anymore. 

And that’s a shame.