So you just got back from your family vacation and you need to have some photos printed. What to do…I’m just going to cut to the chase: printing photos at home is expensive and time consuming. I don’t recommend it. Keep in mind, I am talking snapshots, here. Not art.So which online service should you use? Snapfish? Shutterfly? Kodak? I go for the value, since they are just snapshots. If I want a better image, I will take the digital file to a local photo shop and have them print it out.Costco’s Photo Center offers the best of both worlds: I can upload my photos online and go to my local Costco a couple hours later to pick them up (or I could have them sent to me). 4×6 snapshots are 13 cents! Recently, I uploaded my photos in Los Angeles and had my mother-in-law pick them up at a Colorado Costco. Pretty clever, eh?If you’re in a rush, you could always go to your local Walgreen’s, or Sav-On and plug your camera’s memory card into the photo kiosk in the store. You’ll have your photos ready in minutes.I also like and use Snapfish a lot. With Snapfish, I can order the photos online and have them delivered to me or I can pick them up at Walgreens within a couple of hours.Almost instamatic satisfaction.PS; Before you order your photos, be sure to Google for online coupons. They are almost always there and can significantly lower your bill.