Now that school has started, we are definitely BACK from vacation. No more maid-service to make the beds. No more no-dishes to wash. No more lazy mornings.

But even being back from vacation can be fun. Let me count the ways.

1. More than one bathroom.
I don’t know about you, but on most trips, the hubby, kids and I all share one bathroom. So much for quality time with the newspaper. Now that we’re home, we can spread out (so to speak) and relax.

2. My Own Bed
Need I say more? No, really. Need I?

3. School
Oh come on, fess up. It’s easier when the kids are in school all day. No “mommy, what’re we gonna do now.” No “but you said I could be on the computer (DS, Gameboy, whatever)”

4. Cheaper food.
Ordering a bowl of cereal with milk at a hotel: $5.00
Pouring a bowl of cereal and adding milk at home: $ .69

A bowl of pasta with butter at hotel: $11.95
A bowl of past with butter at home $ .38

Need I say more? I didn’t think so.

5. Just being at home.
Now I love to go places. I love the excitement, and the views, and the unknown, and the look on my kids’ faces when they realize my cell-phone doesn’t work in the woods/on the beach/at the hotel and I’m all theirs. But there’s something about being home that can’t be beat. Beyond the food and the sheets. There’s the comfort of the familiar, the ease of what’s known, the simple fact of it: Home.
Of course, if someone wants to come by and make the beds every day, I won’t turn them down.