Help me, traveling moms who know how to camp. How do you camp in hot weather and rain? Having camped in both — rain in the Grand Canyon, and sweltering heat in rural Indiana and Tennessee — I must say it’s been a most unpleasant experience.

So, tell me this. When it’s 90+ degrees and humid, how does one find inspiration to cook over a hot campfire? Do you just go out to eat all weekend? How do you minimize the EXTRA smelly and dirty feeling you have from sweating all day? Is that just part of the experience? And what do you do about all the knats and mosquitoes that seem to hover around everyone’s sweaty faces?

And when it’s raining, how do you keep mud and water from getting all over everything? How do you get wet items to dry faster? (nothing ever seems to get dry hanging on a branch).

As you can see, I’ve really enjoyed my camping experiences.


There must be a science to this. But one, that I, clearly, have yet to learn.

I want to love camping. Really, I do. It’s just that in my three camping experiences, I’ve always had to battle the weather. I’m ready to hang up my tent for good. 

Unless you experts can provide some tips, it’ll be hotel rooms for me from this point forward.