The Pacific Coast Highway {or PCH} is one of our favorite drives. It was even more beautiful than I remembered, and whether that’s due to the fact that we haven’t done it for nearly 10 years, or the fact that we hadn’t ever shown it to C, I’ll never know. But it’s gorgeous, and it was a delightful drive.

A bit south of San Francisco, in Half Moon bay there is a break that locals managed to keep a secret up until the mid 90’s and although it has taken lives of legends such as Mark Foo it has become one of the premier breaks for surfers from around the world. Mavericks is in the same class as Pipeline, Waimea Bay, and Jaws.

Well, it’s summer so everything was flat and therefore we did not even bother stopping. We kept driving south through the wonderful Cyprus and Eucalyptus forests that have a smell that cannot be reproduced, described, nor found anywhere else. If you ever get a chance to walk through one of these forests and not just drive through them, I would recommend that you would do so. A short half hour walk is a great way to break up a long day of driving and let the kids run around. A soft off shore breeze, the sun’s rays that are filtered by the 80′ canopy overhead, squirrels, and the companion of the soft hum of the near by highway has never been a bad place to each a sandwich.

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