popcorn2Many of us finding ourselves traveling on less than ideal days … on holidays, birthdays, anniversaries… or Super Bowl Sunday. While watching the game on TV in a hotel room is light years from tailgating, hosting a party at home, or actually being at the game, it can be done. And if you are going to do it right, you will need the right foods.

Try out a theme. Choose a cheese theme to honor the Green Bay Packers — cheese sticks, cheese spread or, if you can’t access fresh cheese, cheese popcorn or even Cheetos.
Snacky foods are best. Foods that can be eaten with one hand — and both eyes on the television screen — seem to work the best. Try popcorn, chips (with or without dip), pretzel sticks, and other handy snacks. Sandwiches, boneless wings, French fries, or hot dogs or hamburgers from room service or the lounge also do well (be sure to put your fries in your hamburger bun like a true Pittsburgher).
Don’t forget the drinks. While beer is usually the preferred beverage, sodas or other carbonated beverages will also work. Or, if there’s a bar or restaurant in the hotel, try a smoothie or mixed drink — umbrella optional.
Dessert will delight. Dessert can also follow the Super Bowl theme, such as cheesecake for Cheeseheads. Or go for easy-to-eat fare like cookies, brownies or other sweet snacks.