Harry Potter is a big part of my family. My kids were just the right age when the books took America by storm and we have read and re-read them regularly over the years. Nearly every road trip has been narrated by Jim Dale, the amazing voice actor who had recorded all of the books on tape.

So it is with great anticipation that I look forward to the opening of “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” planned for this spring at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. And I bet my kids, who will be 14 and 16 by then, will even come with us to check out the new attraction. And that is nothing short of magical, given they have reached the age where they don’t often agree to be seen in public with us. But Harry Potter has always had a magical effect on them. They even agreed to go with us to see the latest movie release and I don’t think it was only because we were paying.

Universal made the announcement this week. For highlights and some artist renderings of what the new attraction will look like, click here.

This may not be the best bet for younger kids, but for tweens and teens, these movie studio theme parks are the place to be.

My daughter, Tess, was just 4 the first time we visited Universal Studios. We were in southern California visiting friends and doing the theme park tour. She was much too young. Even the Back to the Future ride, which I thought was thrilling but not scary, left her nearly traumatized. We left the park after only a few hours and two rides. Five years later, we headed to Orlando and went to the Disney-MGM theme park. She loved it, but not as much as I think she going to love the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.