scan0004-smallMy mom had a zest for life unlike no other.  She was funny, quirky, smart, spontaneous and just plain fun to be around.  She could turn any boring or mediocre event into something amazing!  Sadly, my mother passed in 1991 from Breast Cancer, but the memory of her is still just as infectious as if she were here…especially when it comes to the memories of her traveling. 

My mother was a World traveler, and she often did it in style.  Koalas and Aborigines in Australia, fine cloth goods and jewelry in Singapore, South African Safaris, and European tours…you name it, she was probably pretty close to it!  Flying in the Concorde, snorkeling in various seas, or sailing on the Windsong…she had FUN!  However, I don’t think she ever made it to the Middle East…perhaps I’m picking up that piece in the puzzle. 

scan0003-smallWhat I remember most about all her travels is her charm bracelet.  The bracelet I now have and treasure.  I remember always wanting to play with it, wear it, and hear the stories from each country represented.  There was an airplane, Eiffel Tower, Vegas slot machine, a traditional Far East sailing boat, and many others.  I wanted to go to each of those places she went.  I wanted to follow her footsteps around the World.

I’m now grown with children of my own.  They are 2, 4 and 6, and have traveled to Mexico just about every year.  They’ve done road trips to Disneyland every year.  And now, I’ve taken them across the World to the Middle East for another amazing adventure in their lives.  I can only hope that they see and remember their adventurous mom and the travel they get to experience.  We have plans to take them to Prague, Sri Lanka, Western Europe and more while here.  I’m sure my footsteps will cross paths with my mother’s at some point during this journey.

May you always remember your mom for how amazing she is.

Happy Mother’s Day