happybuttWe’ve all been there—on a long road trip, whether for business travel or a family vacation, and the fatigue sets in. Home or the destination is still hours away and everyone’s tired of sitting in the car. Instead of taking yet another stretch break and eating up time, try an in-car workout.

Happy Butt is a 33-minute workout CD that provides an easy ab and tush workout for the road weary.

With light-hearted humor and upbeat music, Carol Heywood and Tina Louise Albrecht direct listeners through easy seat exercises that help wake you up, stay focused and have fun.

The women say they came up with the idea for Happy Butt during a long road trip home. When they started getting tired from sitting so long, they tuned into some dance music on the radio and began working out to the beat. Tina assumed the role of aerobics instructor and started calling out “right cheek, left cheek, together now and right cheek…” and before long realized their tired butts had turned into happy butts.

It might even help to entertain kids on a long car trip especially the “Faceoff on Bourbon Street” track in which you make funny faces similar to if you’re eating spicy Cajun food. My daughter, a master of her own funny faces, especially enjoyed the smile-pucker series.

Pop in the Happy Butt workout CD on your next road trip and, before you know it, you’ll be smiling from, well, cheek to cheek.