handysitt1.jpgSecuring suitable restaurant seating for kids aged 6 months to 4 years old, is a daily drag for parents. Sure you have your system that works at home. But when you take your show on the road you put yourself at the mercy of establishments that don’t always cater to kids. Sometimes the options are scary. An unclean or uncomfortable seat for baby does not predict a nice meal out for everyone else. You can solve this problem by keeping a Handysitt in the trunk of your car. This folding booster is sleek, chic and takes up little space. It installs in under a minute, onto almost any chair, or freestanding (with optional stand-alone kit) in a booth or on the ground for alfresco picnics. The seats are made in Denmark out of high quality hardwoods and steel. They have a three point seat belt and are appropriate for babies who are able to sit unassisted, on up to 4-5 year olds. When they are not in use, the seats fold into a discreet carrying case that takes up very little room in the trunk of your car. These seats are great for road trips and trips to Grandma’s house as well. Purchase your Handysitt ($89.99 – $99.99) from ShopHandysitt.com.