Well, partially. We’re here. We made the move.

However, our stuff is still in transit getting different shift-arounds at customs and even though it is estimated for my stuff to have been here yesterday, at this point I have no idea when it will get here.

Moving with a child and not having a specific school, not knowing if all will go well is frustrating and at times sad because he is constantly talking about Costa Rica, his home for all his life, as though we’ll be returning. My main hopes is that he adjusts fast and makes new friends, all the other stuff will work itself out:)

Since we’ve been here it’s been nothing but a race to get this and that done so that the transition doesn’t feel as difficult and we feel at home. The internet has been installed, number one on my list. I have bought a scooter, since Antigua is a city I don’t need a car to get around. Plus, I’m just tired of driving around such a big vehicle.

Now, it’s all about the stuff and the schooling:)

Will keep you posted!