1767My name is Kim Orlando and I have a Suburban.In the garage.  It is a ’97 and only has 70k miles on it which brings the value up to about $2500.  When gas was $5 a gallon last summer I didn’t drive it at all.  Gas is reasonably priced now but I know that it is going back up and I want to be prepared.I had thought about checking out hybrid cars for ages but never got around to it.  My first test drive was last week in a Ford Fusion hybrid.  Kind of overdid it, driving from Michigan to NYC, but I really got to know the car.All the technology made me feel like I had been in a car coma since 1997. The Fusion hybrid offered voice activated SYNC and GPS, a star trek-like dashboard where I could obtain my travel data, fuel economy (even economy history), rear view camera and best of all, a capless gas tank (hooray for technology!).  If my teen was of driving age, I had the option of a smart key at no additional cost to help him control distractions in the car that could cause an accident.Most of all, it was comfortable and it drove like a regular car.  You can see from this photo (courtesy Katja Presnal)  that the car looks great.  The biggest  difference to me was when I started the car I couldn’t hear the engine – similar to a golf cart.  The Fusion boasts various kinds of Duratec engines and a 6 speed transmission – whatever that means.  Bottom line is that the hybrid had plenty of power – I could easily pass another car on the highway when I wanted.  (Just ask Officer Jurkowski of OH who gave my driving partner a ticket).Are you a green driver?  Do you know what a Duratec engine is?  Tell me what you drive.