binbud.jpgI’ve been on a home organization tear recently. My kid’s closets, the kitchen cabinets, the garage… Meanwhile the back of my van still looks like a bomb went off.

Keeping all kinds of kids stuff in our car is a necessary evil. We’ve got four kids with assorted gear to ferry. Sports gear for the oldest two, baby gear for the youngest, and coloring books and electronic toys to occupy my four year old on long errand jaunts. Toss in a change of clothes for everyone, some snacks, an umbrella or four and before you know it – disaster.

Last summer while on a roadtrip to Oregon I was sent a Bin Buddy tub organizer to test out. While we did not have room for a rubbermaid tub in the car on our trip, it’s become a staple of our everyday in-car lives. I cannot imagine the back of my van without the bin anymore! It really makes getting my car cleaned out and reorganized a snap.

Having just reorganized the back of my car, I thought I would share a photo of our Bin Buddy, all packed up with essentials and ready to take on the day, while I take back the rest of my car, free of clutter.


If you’re looking for a car clutter solution I highly recommend Bin Buddies! They are the bomb! Or more accurately, the answer to the bomb that seems to have gone off in the back seat, when your kids climbed into the car!