A year ago my father moved cross-country in Canada, from Calgary to Toronto. Getting to Calgary from New York is brutal; there is only one direct flight a week, and the connecting flights are so poorly scheduled that it feels as if you are crawling there. Toronto seemed so much closer in comparison, an hour flight, or an eight hour drive. I thought we would see each other much more frequently.But the months somehow turned into a year and we didn’t make the drive North.You see, it turns out I have a little anxiety about road trips. It should be easy to just jump into our home on wheels, our big boat of a minivan, pop in a few movies and power up to Canada. But the crushing boredom of the gray tarmac stretching ahead of me with hours to go terrifies me. While the kids are entertained with hours of Handy Manny episodes, I’m stuck in the front with nothing but my thoughts and the voices of Handy Manny’s tools echoing from the back to keep me awake.Last week my guilt finally overcame my pile of excuses and I committed to a visit in late April. We’ll stop frequently along the way, even taking a break at Niagara Falls, but I’m looking for any tips to make the journey easier. Any tips and suggestions would be very welcome by this road trip virgin.