How much do you pay each time you call 411 from your cell phone?  It seems like ten bucks, am I right?Google has a free, voice activated information system, whereby you can get business listings.You don’t need a computer, an Internet connection, or even the keypad on your phone or mobile device. GOOG-411 is voice-activated, so you can access it from any phone (mobile or land line), in any location, at any time. For free.Dial (1-800) GOOG-411. Say where. Say what you’re looking for.   Example:  Pizza.  Then, say the city and state.  GOOG-411 will give you multiple choices for pizza in the area.  If you know the exact pizza place you want, then you can say it in the first place and it will connect you.If you are calling from a mobile device, GOOG-411 can even send you a text message with more details and a map. Simply say “Text message” or “Map it.”Sometimes, it can’t understand what I’m saying — and it doesn’t help that my children are talking loudly in the background, but it’s been golden so many times that it has afforded us great eating opportunities in unfamiliar neighborhoods.  (I live in Los Angeles, so there are a lot of neighborhoods — and choices.)