Here’s my dirty little travel secret: I love to travel with my family. I hateairport_tsa to plan our trips.

In my PM days (pre-marriage), it was never a problem. My trips were mostly girlfriend getaways with my pal, Robin, the uber planner. We were a great traveling duo because she would come up with a place to go, do all the research, make all the reservations and then call me. I asked one question: What time should I be at the airport?

Now that I am a mom, I’m also the travel planner, which takes so much of the fun out of a family vacation. It makes it feel like another job. If I didn’t love to travel so much, I might be tempted to just forego it. to the rescue. This website and iPhone app is the sponsor of our May 23 TMOM Twitter party (RSVP to be eligible to win an iPod or iPad2).


I used the website since I have an Android smartphone rather than an iPhone–the goby folks say the Droid app is coming–and decided to see what might be fun to do this summer in the Northeast. We’ll be driving out that way, most likely during the first two weeks of August, to check out some colleges for my son. We’ll be staying with friends in Connecticut (which always lightens the planning load), but one couple is childless, so I’m not expecting them to be up on the latest, hippest teenage things to do.

I spent all of five minutes on and found more than a dozen things we might want to do. And then I stopped. That’s because I realized this site would be perfect for my teens to use to decide what they want to do on this vacation.

Seems like the perfect solution: They get to feel like they’re in charge and I don’t have to plan it.