caddiThe holidays are all about being jolly, so we have some travel gadgets to make your next trip the getaway you dreamed of! These are the kind of things I know busy moms can use as they travel near or far–the kinds of things I suggest to the new parents I consult as a baby planner for Take a look at the great stuff below and, since we’re trying to make travel a dream, leave us a comment below on your dream vacation spot …then be sure to sign up for our newsletter so we know how to contact you if you win!

Every mom I know wishes she could have just one more hand to carry all the stuff she needs. Well, the CADDi comes close. Just plop your tapered cup into the CADDi and carry your beverage with one finger, leaving hands free to pull luggage, hand over your ticket, or whatever else you have to grab. The CADDi also lets you hang your beverage on a hook where you need (the restroom, for example). It’s reusable and comes in several fun designs.

Only $5.50 at

azulaPeace_400On road trips it’s hard to avoid eating in the car and that means a mess. Well, the Azula can absorb spills, potty accidents and food crumbs. And it can do so much more, too. It’s a cushioned liner that you can use as a non-slip surface for diaper changes. Or, it’s extra padding for bleachers or by the pool (so your swimsuit won’t snag)…It can even be an added layer to protect your bottom from leather seats that can get too hot or cold, depending on the season. I’m sure there are other ways to put it to use, but haven’t you already heard enough? The Azula retails for $14.50 and is currently sold in over 100 stores nationally.


micheYou’re a stylish mom, but also short on space. So you know you can’t bring a purse to match every outfit. Oh yes you can! Now with Miche Bag you can change the look of your handbag in an instant. It’s chic and stylish and the Chelles eliminate the hassle of changing out your purse contents while allowing you the convenience of a very different look. The average cost per Chelle is $19.95. You can buy them at or you can host a trunk show of your own!

otterboxBy now it’s happened to just about all of us…your phone falls out of your purse or you get a case of butterfingers. Either way, it ends up on the pavement with a shattered screen. The OtterBox can help make sure that never happens again (well, you might still drop the phone but the screen shouldn’t shatter!). OtterBox makes custom cases for iPhones, the BlackBerry, iPod and more. Trust me, if you don’t get one, you’ll wish you did.

CoPilotLiveHere’s a neat app for your phone when you’re on the road—and it eliminates the need for a human navigator. It’s the CoPilot Live GPS navigation app for North America and it was just recently updated. The new version includes text-to-speech voice directions and offers accuracy with monthly MapSure map updates. CoPilot Live is available on the three major mobile platforms, including iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile. It costs less than most GPS systems at for $35 (no additional charges for updates) and may be more reliable than the navigator riding in the back.

Wolfgangs-Vault-TicketHere’s another cool app—a rockin’ cool one! It gives you access to the world’s largest online archive decidated to live concert recordings and vintage music resources and memorabilia. Music fans enjoy music streaming online or via the free iPhone App called Concert Vault for iPhone. And there’s popular vintage rock posters, rock photography, and vintage and retro concert t-shirts and apparel available for everyone at With an annual membership you can compile your own song list that can be sent to friends. We’re giving away a one year membership to the Vault so you can rock all year long.

Rebits-wbox-good003Here’s a gadget you’ll only really appreciate when things go wrong on your computer—really wrong. It’s the software to make your external hard drive its own Rebit appliance. Rebit backs up everything important to you, from pictures to email and even applications. You just install the software while your external hard drive is connected and it will be converted to a Rebit appliance. Then, you don’t do a thing. Moments after you create or delete a file, Rebit backs it up. It even backs up versions of a file so you can get it back if you don’t like the changes you saved over it. And even if you unplug it, once you plug it back in the device will automatically catch up from where it left off before. Now if they could just invent something like that for my own memory!

Great stuff, huh? Each of the manufacturers has given us one to give to you, so go ahead and leave your comment below. Don’t forget–this should be a comment on where you would take your dream trip. One winner will be drawn at random on December 29th. GOOD LUCK!