GIVEAWAY: Book – “Off The Beaten (Subway) Track” by Suzanne Reisman (signed copy!) AND a Nozin Nasal Sanitizer Pack (to keep the germs away on the subway!) See below for entry details!

The first time I visited NYC I found the subway to be absolutely mezmerizing.  The more I learned about the transit system, the more I felt  like Alice in Wonderland.  All over the city there existed “rabbit holes”; if you were brave enough to venture down grimey staircases to the dank underground, you found a magical world full of tunnels that could lead almost anywhere!    I loved descending beneath the lights of Times Square and unearthing in the middle of China Town; leaving behind the bustle of Wall Street and finding myself in the serenity of Strawberry Fields just minutes later.



Since that time I’ve enjoyed exploring subways and metros all over the world – Rome, Lausanne, Boston, Paris – and remain fascinated by the unusual adventures to be had both in the journey and unique destinations it offers.  While I love popping up in new places, I also love the ride.  I’ve met some very colorful people on the subway.  I’ve participated in sing-a-longs on the subway.  On my way to the Champs Elysee I was almost thrown up on by a man in a top hat on the subway.   And on my way to the Colloseum I almost threw up on a woman playing the zither on the subway.  My theory is that if you ride long enough, you’ll see the entire world go by.  Magical!

GIVEAWAY:  Ever wondered what wonders lie at each stop on the NYC Subway?  “Off The Beaten (Subway) Track” by Suzanne Reisman takes you on a wild ride to the some of the most fascinating and whimsical subway destinations.  Organized by neighborhood, you can vicariously visit each of these unique landmarks or use this book as a guide to planning your own subway adventure!offthebeatensubwaytrack

But before you dare to share subway air during the upcoming flu season, we want to make sure you’re prepared!  That’s why the winner of this giveaway will also receive a pack of Nozin Nasal Sanitizers.  Don’t fear the random coughs and sneezes of fellow travelers – these swabs help reduce the risk of infection on planes, trains and subways for hours.


TO ENTER:  Simply leave a comment telling me:  Have you ever ridden the Subway?  If so, what is your most memorable Subway experience?  Good luck!

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