Cruise Pic resizedGirlfriend getaways are the in thing to do. Who doesn’t want to escape everyday life – work, chores, the kids, ahem – with your besties and a good bottle of wine? While running away for a relaxing weekend sounds ideal, it can also bring some challenges when too much time is spent together with too little space.

Tomorrow I’m hopping in a car with my sister and two of my girlfriends to drive from Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia to run in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Half Marathon. In addition to my suitcase and running shoes I’m also bringing these tips so I can maintain my friendships and my sanity:

Pick a Leader. Most moms are the planners in the family – especially when it comes to vacations. We normally set the itinerary and make sure that our families are on point and where they need to be. When four moms go on one trip together everyone can’t be the leader. A few years ago my sister, our girlfriend Wanda and I took a two week Mediterranean cruise together. I happily stepped back and relinquished those duties. It was a much needed and welcomed break. Everyone should have input in group activities but everyone can’t run the show. Decide who is taking the lead before you head out to help eliminate power struggles.
Schedule Some Space. Part of the fun of gal time is spending time together – staying up all night chatting and bonding over fun activities. But, everyone still needs a break. A few moments alone can recharge your spirit and help enhance the fun that you’re having with your friends. A short span of downtime can help ensure a smooth trip.
Be Flexible. Traveling – with the girls, your family or even solo – requires a certain amount of flexibility. Now’s the time to go with the flow. Don’t do anything against your morals, but live a little. Try something new. Be adventurous. Embrace that your friends may have a different way of doing things and be open to learning new things.
Until next time, I’m off and running …