badweatherYears ago, when my daughter was one and I was pregnant with my son, my husband and I decided to vacation in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. We’d stayed at this resort before, so we didn’t do much advance preparation.

The resort had several gorgeous pools, including a zero-entry pool, cabanas for sun-protection, refrigerators and suites (for my daughter’s naps and early bedtimes). With visions of visiting the zoo, playing at the Scottsdale train park, and swimming in the pool, we headed out to Phoenix….where it rained, hard, for the first three days of our six day vacation. We had done no research, had no backup plan, and quite honestly, the concierge was really not too helpful. I wished that I knew some local moms who would know just what to do on a rainy day with a restless one year old.

So learn from me. Before heading out on vacation, do your research online. Find places where you can visit if the weather is bad, if your child is cranky, if you are not feeling well. Make a contingency list of places to visit and shows that are going on, and maybe you’ll never need it.