cyclingponchovaRecently reconnecting with a childhood friend has me thinking of things differently; not so much in a philosophical way, but rather in a travel way. Specifically, how we get around our town. When we were younger, we’d take the bus (no driver’s licenses, natch) but today our first instincts are to hop in the car – even just to go to the store down the street.

It’s often the same story when we travel to a new town. We get in the car and go, rather than taking advantage of the local transportation, which can be a much easier and cheaper way to get around an unfamiliar town.

Instead of following this instinct, I’m thinking of trying something different right here at home. Rather than driving, taking the bus can be an economical way to get around town. With young kids, it can even be a form of entertainment! Bikes can also be a good way to travel locally, and good exercise to boot. Just be ptepared for a sudden summer rainstorm!


Who knows, we just may discover something new.