miami“Everybody needs a little time away, I heard her say, from each other…” Odds are I have you humming the tune by now…it’s an oldie, but goodie, and so darn true when it comes to being a mom.  I love my family. Lots. But I also love getting in some “me” time when I can and that’s not often enough.

I have four children, work from home, and everything we need to exist is pretty much within a five mile radius.  So, when someone offers a trip that will get me away from this mom world for a couple days, I am going to jump on it.  That’s just how it is. 

I recently was offered a trip to South Beach for a bloggers trip.  At first, I jumped on it, just as I said I would.  Then I decided it just wasn’t reasonable for me to go.  You know the deal…there’s too much work, and the kids have their events and my husband can’t juggle it all.  But then I realized I wasn’t giving them enough credit.  They were more than capable of getting on without me.  But with the stress I was facing, it was a matter of time before I crashed hard.  I literally felt a nervous breakdown on its way and knew this trip could be just what I needed to get some perspective (while relaxing by a pool with some serious sunshine).  Seriously, how often does someone hand you a ticket to the coast, all expenses paid, in the middle of February?  How do you NOT go?

So I made it happen.  I took that trip.  And it did exactly what it was supposed to.  It reminded me of me again.  I’m more than a wife, a mom, an employee or a business owner.  I’m not Wonder Woman, though I try awfully hard.  I’m just me…someone who cares deeply about the people in her life and is willing to go to any cost to make them happy, typically at the expense of my own well-being.  So, if getting to re-energize means getting away from the kids, the husband, the reality, that’s what I should do.  It doesn’t mean I don’t feel guilt over being gone.  I do.  When I see a couple walk by holding hands, I know how a trip like this would help my relationship with my husband.  When I see other children splashing in the pool, I know my own would love being here with me.  When a little girl who resembles my daughter cuts her toe and cries in pain, I hurt inside, wondering if I’m failing my daughter by being away right now.  But I also am smart enough to know that the guilt has to go away for this trip to accomplish what it should.  When I leave, I must be recharged, feeling fabulous and ready to be there for my family again.  My me time makes that possible.