Black & Decker Simple Start

There was a time when I only called AAA maybe once or twice a year for a flat or a dead battery. And then I had kids. Kids who like to press buttons and turn on lights. Kids who always seem to leave doors ajar. Which has made dead batteries an all too commonplace occurance in my driveway. Let’s just say the local AAA guys all know my name and address by heart.

Much as I hate to make them miss our frequent get-togethers, I think it’s time invest in one of these Simple Start devices from Black and Decker. This nifty gadget gives you the juice to start your car’s battery without all that electrical cable nastiness. You don’t even have to get out of the car. It simply plugs into your vehicle’s power outlet, and gets you going again. It’s small enough to store in your glove compartment and even has a 12v DC plug that allows you to use it to charge your cellphone in an emergency.

The Black and Decker Simple Start is currently on sale at Amazon for $42.50.