Hoping to get a first look at a brand new upcoming product, the UPPAbaby RumbleSeat? This toddler seat add-on for the UPPAbaby Vista is generating a lot of buzz in stroller shopper circles. It promises to deliver even more from a much beloved stroller. The owners of Let’s Go Strolling are here to give us this exciting sneak peek.

We’ll hope this video will be helpful to those of you trying to decide if it is the right set-up for you. Please leave feedback and let us know what you think of our newest blogging method. Like it? Hate our camera/editing work? Want to see more? less? Any comments are super helpful and appreciated!

Our Summary of the UPPAbaby RumbleSeat:

– Best for younger toddlers or smaller pre-schoolers
– We’re sure kids will get used to it but it might be a hard sell for your toddler in the beginning due to the limited visability
– Great option for adding occasional seating to a reversible stroller
– Don’t plan on using it much with your carseat!
– We hope UPPAbaby will add zippers to recline the seat in the next generation (ala the Phil and Ted’s Sport Doubles Kit)

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