conference-gearWhat do I expect to learn at the “Better Video Production” Family Travel Conference in Dallas, Texas, November 9-11? The short answer is: How to shoot it, share it, and tweet it!

The “it” being video, of course, and questions are already swirling around in my head: What lighting is needed when shooting video? Do I need an external mic? How many minutes can I get with half battery strength? What kind of quality can I expect when shooting video using just an iPhone? Is it better to use an iPad? 

Now that anyone with a smartphone or an iPod can shoot video, it’s no wonder that 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, but how long someone stays engaged with your video, “likes” it, or shares it with others varies greatly — which is exactly what the experts at the FTC conference will address during the workshop sessions.

The lineup includes: ABC News Travel Editor Genevieve Brown, Wendy Perrin of Condé Nast Traveler, Valarie D’Elia, the woman-behind-the-camera on Travel with Val, and Kaleel Sakakeeny, founder of Travel Video Postcard, and Kim Orlando, founder of TravelingMom


I’m already anticipating fabulous takeaways that will help me connect personally and professionally with the people I want to reach through my work. Will you see me shooting videos on college campuses in the future? Most likely. Will I incorporate more video into my blogs? Upload more videos to my YouTube Channel? You bet. I’m pretty sure I already have a decent selection of video gear to work with, so now it’s just a matter of weeks until I press record on a new chapter in storytelling.