beerThose guys at Wasatch Brewery must be a fun bunch to have a beer with. Greg Shirf started the company after he moved to Utah from Milwaukee in the 1980s and discovered there were no breweries in this state dominated by conservative Mormon politics. He went to work changing that, won the battle and, in 1989, opened the first brewery in Utah.

He names his beers to tweak the Mormons who opposed his legislative efforts. I had dinner at the Wasatch Brew Pub (more on the yummy food in a minute) and had to order the First Amendment Lager. Hey, I’m a journalist, what else could I have ordered?  Well, how about the Polygamy Porter (Why Have Just One?) Or the Evolution Amber Ale. For nondrinkers, there’s the Brigham’s Brew Root Beer.

Now, a bit about the pub. It’s a great family spot. I walked in expecting a menu that would offer a variety of burgers to eat with your beer. The restaurant does offer a couple of burger options, but it has so much more. I got the stew of they day, a think and slightly spicy porkc stew with green and red peppers, onions and carrots. Perfect comfort food on a cold night with gently falling snow.