water-fountain-funOk, you may think this an oxymoron: Palm Beach, FL, Fun and Free  cannot be in the same sentence, can the? Well I am not pulling your leg! Let me tell you how to do this! They don’t call me the Staycation queen for nothing, well I kinda have a secret weapon: Staycation Directory… ok I’m gonna stop the rambling, what was I going to say?

Right! Free fun things to do in Palm Beach! Palm Beach may be know as the land of money, Trumps stomping ground and Oprah beach house but I live here and I’m no Oprah! I can’t live the tourist life on a daily basis,  So I really need to be creative and create fun things for our family to do. Luckily the new $30 million Palm Beach’s  waterfront park worth is pack with free fun for day and night adventurers.

Last week end we took the girls down there to play in the park but they’d rather run and play in the gorgeous water fountain, I had no choice but to get wet. I knew this would happen so I brought change of clothes so it was all good. Then we hit the music stand where the single man band play some reggae mix, my girls and I dance for almost and hour while hubby take pictures. To wrap up the day we stop by the new little art museum, where all the pieces are made out of recycle junks. This guy made a cow, a horse, ducks out of broken pencil, and create a scene with alligator swimming with turtle out of old shoes.  It was a lot of fun for the kids trying to figure out each item.  Of course my one year just wanted to eat everything… So I pretty much put on my Bahamas tourist hat, flip flop and big shade, spend the day at the downtown water front park play in the water, dance, and visit a museum and still didn’t spent a dime!

*disclaimer* you gotta pack food from home if you don’t want your kids to starve, or if you wanna spend just a little money there are tons of restaurant and food shacks to eat from.