Last week I was at an event in LA, and my husband was stuck with the kids. We were continuing on up the coast on a family vacation, so they all came along for the ride.

“I’ve got two hours to kill in the city with the kids. What should I do?”

Normally a question like this would spawn panic, arguments, and frantic internet searches. But this time I was prepared. I pulled my copy of Free LA from Free Fun Guides out of the glove box and handed it confidently to my spouse. “Knock yourselves out!” He looked at the book a little dubiously, and drove off. I crossed my fingers it would work out well.

Did it ever!


My husband returned to me a card carrying member of the LA Library, and raving about two new parks in the city that he had “discovered”. Free LA turned what could have been a stressful afternoon into an adventure. We can’t wait to head back and try out some of the other suggestions in this handy book. If you have kids, and are looking for something to do in the city, this book is sure to be a hit.