Adventure does not always have to mean  jumping off a bridge or walking on hot coals.  Sometimes it can mean simply breaking out of your comfort zone to experience new things. I did that on my TV show “Rock Me TV” when I went to Lady Mendl’s in Manhattan and my good friend, world renowned tea expert Ellen Easton, taught me the proper way to have afternoon tea. We did a funny segment of it for the show. Since then, I have taken my nine year old niece, Athena, there to experience an afternoon tea.   Athena loved acting like a little dressed up lady for the day! It’ was a great way to spend an afternoon as well as a memorable experience for all. AND guess what? This experience has now gotten me into the tea world. Check this out! I’m in an article on Tea! (The link to the video is included in the article) Drink up! Lady Mendl’s Tea Salon article