672For $9.99, I can realign and relieve pain in my mistreated toes.  Flex-Tastic, a foam “toe spreader,” is made by Profoot, a company who has been in the foot health biz for years.  They hired Dina Dillon, yoga guru to the stars, to teach a group of women with tired overworked feet about the importance of caring for our feet.  Something I take for granted.  She explained the anatomy of the foot and how it relates to the spine, and therefore our overall health.I had to work a bit (ok, a lot) to get all 5 toes in the foam forms and then I had to leave them on for 5 minutes.  The first time was a full-blown toe work-out.  I removed Flex-Tastic and my toes were tired.  We practiced yoga, took our minds off the toes, then put Flex-Tastic back on.  Easier.  Felt kinda good in use and after.  TravelingMom.comGreat stocking stuffer or perfect gift for the yogi-lover or dress-show fanatic in your life.