My eight-year-old son and I discovered several interesting resources while surfing web for his Black History Month report on Harriet Tubman, a former slave turned leader of the Underground Railroad. We found loads of maps tracing the dangerous routes slaves took to gain their freedom. We also found this interesting Ohio site, Passage to Freedom.If you’re looking to immerse your family in history, Passage to Freedom has the tools to help you do that. At least in regard to the Underground Railroad. In Ohio.I don’t think we’d do a full tour of the sites, but now that my son’s interest and awareness have been piqued, we might have some new stops to consider on our next trip through Ohio.We also took time to reread Jeanette Winter’s Follow the Drinking Gourd, which is named after a song that supposedly served as something of a map for escaping slaves. The song describes features on the Underground Railroad, such as heading for the “Drinking Gourd,” otherwise known as the Big Dipper. Give a listen

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