Is it worth spending a lot of money on your hotel?  Depending on your length of stay, lodging is likely to be your greatest expense while on vacation, so it’s your biggest opportunity for savings. 

Whether expensive lodging is worth the additional cost really depends on a few factors.  If you are staying in an city, you may want to be in specific location, for convenience or safety.  If so, then it’s a good idea to spring for the extra expense. 

Are you planning on spending a considerable amount of time at the hotel, and/or want to use their amenities?  That’s another great reason to spend more money, especially for a resort that may have a fabulous pool or private access to a beach.

But, if your hotel is just a place to sleep at night and leave your belongings, definitely consider finding a less-expensive alternative.  Chain moderate hotels like Courtyard by Marriott and Hilton Garden Inn offer consistency, and some amenities, and can be a lot cheaper than a more deluxe option.  Then, you’ll have more money to spend on dinners and souvenirs, or to save!