Any business woman with a job that takes her away from home for more than a day or two has probably spent a couple miserable nights in a not-so-choice hotel.  It’s hard enough to be away from family or the regular routine that makes life so smooth, but to put your head down on a not-so-soft pillow or try to spend some work hours in a stiff hotel desk chair can really ruin a trip, not to mention productivity.

But now, there’s a site that can help make sure the place you call home temporarily is also the kind of place you’d want to call home on a permanent basis. is a web site that offers honest reviews of hotels, evaluating everything from stains to service.  And even more important if you’re counting on getting work done while you’re away: also helps you sort through the spots that make it easy to finish the job right from your room.

Need wireless Internet?  Simply go to the site and input ‘wi-fi’ in the search box and, voila!  In seconds you’re set with a list of options that provide wi-fi and more.  The hotel description also lists whether the room has luxury linens for a restful sleep or incredible appetizers to help fill your hungry belly while you’re burning the midnight oil. This site goes as far as to point out which hotels are quiet so that you don’t have to work through the night with club music blaring next door (unless of course you’re one of those people who works better with noise, and even then, Oyster hotel reviews will let you know where to find that!).  Want to avoid the noisiest hotels in New York City?  Or find NYC hotels that have the most beautiful bathrooms, or how about the best pools on the premises.

I have a trip to New York I’m looking to schedule soon.  I love that I know before I go which locations offer the peace I need to be productive or great exercise facilities for working off my frustrations, just by going through a couple strokes on the keyboard.  After inputting my special requests, I found the Sheraton Times Square seemed to be a fit for my next work trip to the big city.  You see, there’s no need to make a hundred calls.  The next time you need to make a reservation for work, just make a couple of clicks at and you have all the information you need.


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