emergency“Guess this means I should cancel our plane tickets tomorrow morning to Virginia Beach?” Emergency Room doctor shot me the what-planet-do-you-live-on look when I asked that after his diagnosis of my husband G. W.’s pulmonary embolism.

Blood clot in the lung is the simple terminology, or P.E. for insider medical staff term. Definitive diagnosis came about two hours and one CT scan after the same doctor asked G. W. if he still really, truly meant what he signed in his advanced directive, aka living will.

Do Not Resuscitate. A powerful shared moment even after 36 years of marriage and lots of conversations about tough issues. He swallowed a few times, and said yes.

Our boarding passes were printed before this sudden, way-short-of-breath trip to the ER (ashamed to say they were on paper, not smart phone scanning) and our carry-on bags packed for the week.

Fast forward 10 days, cured, and I’m asking about flight schedules again. This time I’m shocking the nurse in the Coumadin clinic.

“You want to fly where? And how soon?” Seems blood clot people need lots of monitoring of the blood thinning process.

diagnosisDaily visits to this clinic makes flying elsewhere tough. Her surprise at our confidence seemed to empower all of us. She asked if our trip could wait a month.

Who knows what’s really wise? Not me. Not he. Not us as a collaborative. What we do know is forward-looking thoughts sustain us better than fearful ones.

And we know for sure that engaging in the world gives us balance: considering other people in the places they live, and how we might share some moments with them, boosts our aging cells much better than counting any medicines.

Fear-less Travel

Prepared we intend to be, not travelers who might burden others, but equipped with the knowledge and tools to keep going, sensibly and happily.

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