Loews_Miami_BeachI admit it – I am a coupon whore. I love the idea of saving money, and though my husband’s way of saving is not to spend, mine is to search out deals. Groupon has quickly become one of my faves, since I can sit home and let the deals come to me.

I just discovered Yuupon, which offers travel deals, without the pressure of the one day sale. You get a week to make a decision, giving you time to research a deal and make sure you want to take a family vacation there, and figure out how much you are really saving.

Yuupon has travel deals from low to high end, with most somewhere in the middle. Discounts range from 40-90% off for hotels in the US and the Caribbean. Current deals include $5 for $50 toward a stay in family friendly Destin, Florida (90% off) and $65 for a Disney hotel, with breakfast.

You also don’t have to worry about buyer’s remorse with Yuupon; you can get a full cash refund within 8 days of purchasing a deal.


Although the name rhymes with Groupon, it actually comes from 2 Japanese words: ‘yuu’; meaning vacation and ‘pon’ meaning beast friend: together, they are a coupon-clipping traveling mom’s best friend.

Maybe you can even score a deal for this Loews Miami Beach hotel.