grandparentstravelUSA Today published an article that suggested for family travel involving grandparents, the grandparents were paying for most of the costs. It suggested this was due to the “turbulent economy”. It got me thinking about our own experience.

When traveling to visit my parents in Texas or when they travel to visit us in China, as much as we’d like to focus on the joy of just being together, economics has to factor in – especially with the cost of cross-Pacific travel. In our case, we seem to have worked out a “deal” where we each pay our own plane tickets but the host helps out with accommodation and other practical costs.

I think the most important thing is for all parties to be honest. If you, the child/grandchild, can’t afford it, mention this is a problem. And if the grandparents feel they are being taken advantage of, they should also say so. For those of us who have sadly limited time with parents/grandparents, it’s important not to let finances spoil quality family time.

Is USA Today right? What’s your situation? Who do you think *should* foot the bill?