Expedition_EverestIf your family has time for just one more ride at Walt Disney World in Orlando, make it the  Expedition Everest  rollercoaster at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Last month, during my first trip to Disney in 35 years, I found myself with a dilemma.

In my possession I had 1 Park Hopper, 1 Fast Pass left and 2 hours until I had to be on the airport shuttle. (note: these passes are valuable Disney tools, and I can’t imagine going to Disney without them).

So here I was, sans kids (I know. It’s cruel.), with two hours to kill.

Do I relax, and bask in the 80-degree sun? Believe me, given that it was February and I live in Chicago, this is a joy I can’t even explain.

Or do I hop aboard the shuttle by myself and go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, race to Expedition Everest, and ride the roller coaster my fellow TravelingMoms raved about?

I went for it.

I had to hustle through the crowded park, moving like Frogger through the slow-moving, late-afternoon crowds.

But when I got to the ride, I waited for LESS THAN ONE MINUTE because of my Fast Pass and got on the ride.

I don’t want to give away the details of the ride, but let me just say, I was one of those dorks who applauds, triumphantly waves my arms in the air, and screams “Yeah!!!” when the ride was over.

Then I hustled back to the shuttle with 15 minutes to spare, so I got a mini-break in the Florida sun.

I haven’t ridden all of Disney World’s roller coasters, and I’m sure there are a lot of good ones I’ve yet to ride.

But if there’s anything better than Expedition Everest, let me know! Because the next time I’m there, with Fast Pass in hand, I’m going for it.