MeetingmominChongqingMother’s Days are a good time to reconnect and reunite with family, sometimes even by travel. Sometimes those reunions can be not quite a barbecue at the park, but meaningful nonetheless. I just traveled halfway across China to meet my mom-in-law for the first time – 10 years after marriage.

My husband put up less resistance than I thought when I broached the idea of inviting her during our visit to her family in Chongqing.  Since she was more or less a deadbeat mom, despite the family’s pleas to give her a chance, he didn’t encourage contact with her for the past 20 years.

It must have been more emotional than either showed, though it was only a small beginning. She took right to her grandkids and they to her more or less though they didn’t quite get it since everyone is “nainai” (grandma).

It’s strange having moms so very different and on opposite sides of the world who may never meet each other and who couldn’t talk to each other if they did. But they are united by their grandchildren and that makes the world a smaller place