So last week I wrote about camping.  Or, to be more honest, about NOT camping.  It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that — well, I don’t know how so I don’t want to.So this week, I started looking for alternatives.  And here’s what I came up with: Family Camp.Family Camp is sleepaway camp for everyone:  the bunks, the campfires, the mess halls, and games of spin the bottle (oh, well, maybe not.)  In any case, it sounds like fun to me.  Sleepaway camp was great.  I made lifelong friends, (I had dinner with one last night), and I got to be a different person than the one I was at school all year.  This time around, I’ll still be Mommy — but Mommy in shorts, no make-up, and using a communal shower.  Don’t ask me why- but I think I”m gonna like it.In case it sounds like fun to you, too, here’s what I found out:- There’s a great overview of Family Camps here.  With few specific mentions of camps, but lots of good writing on what it’s like to go to one.  There’s the sense of community, the shared memories, the great counselors, the relxed vibe.  So far, so good.- The Fifty Best Family camps, often updated, can be found here.  This is a terrific resource, with links to camps all across the country- This article lists camps in several regions and offers tips on picking the right camp for you r family.Let’s face it – this is a good summer to save some cash — but not get caught in the rain (i.e. real camping).  Personally, I loved sleepaway camp — and now I’ll get the chance to do it all over again.  Only this time with my kids — for all the good and bad of it!