oceanThe best memories I have of our kids were in their younger years at the beach. They were so cute and wide-eyed at the vastness of it all. Living in Arizona and then Nevada made the Southern California beaches so easy to hop over to for a few days. Since moving to Colorado, we haven’t been able to visit our beloved beach towns, La Jolla, Coronado, or Carlsbad but we all connect those places with some of our best family times!

Connor learned how to first write and spell his name with a big stick in the sand. Carter got tangled up in with a ‘Sea Weed Monster’ and couldn’t have been happier. My husband and I sat there with cold drinks and watched as the boys chased waves.

Once Connor went out a little too far on the boogie board and a family of dolphins swam right near him. Even at a young age he figured out that if dolphins were out there, sharks probably weren’t too far behind-sparking one of those kid phobias that I don’t think will truly ever leave him.

A Bad Mommy Moment

And then there was the time when we were inncocenty playing paddle ball near the water and a seagull swooped by and stole our little ball, TWICE! Poor Connor was so upset and I had one of those “bad mommy’ moments where I told him if it made him feel any better the bird was probably going to choke on it and die. That totally made it worse and I spent the next few hours wondering if I needed to enroll in parenting classes as he cried hysterically over the loss of the ball and the impending death of the seagull.

But those are the things that families bond over. He is a teen now and we still joke about that dang christmas_at_the_beachseagull. Even though we live in Colorado, he still has his skim boards on the wall in his room. And Carter remembers all the ‘monsters’ on the beach with joy.

Next up on our list of vacations is a trip to the beach. It will be different now that Carter is a full time chair user but it is doable. Most beaches have awesome wheelchairs that work in the sand for people to use. I would LOVE to try an inclusive resort that took the work out of planning a beach trip for the family.

Since we are in the middle of the country we can pick between so many beach destinations now. What is your favorite beach location? And have you done an all-inclusive beach destination? I would love to hear your advice in the comments!

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