break_in_RPL_with_FHDHello everyone.  I’m Libby and I am very excited to be joining the TravelingMom network and look forward to sharing my own family’s adventures and fun.  I am officially an extreme mom and relish experiences like skiing and snowboarding, hiking and camping, heading to surf camp, boxing at the gym, hunting turkeys, speed skating at the Olympic Oval in Salt Lake City and the list goes on and on.

My two children, Fringe1 a girl who is 6 and Fringe2 a boy who just turned 2 will be joining me on as many excursions as they can fit into their own busy schedules.  Luckily I have a very supportive husband named B-Dawg who also happens to be one of the all time greatest dads.

From Ct to UT
For the past six years our family has called Utah home.  We live 15 minutes from Park City in a small town called Heber located in the Heber Valley.  Every single morning our family wakes up to one of the most intense views in America, looking at the breathtaking Wastach Mountain range to the west and the Uinta Mountains to the east.  For my husband and I, who both grew up in Connecticut, this is an awe inspiring location to be living.  For our children this is normal, this is what they know and this is their playground.                        
New State of Mind and Job As the Director of Public Relations at Canyons Resort the past 5 years, I skied nearly 80 days a season and befriended an amazing amount of impressive people. From extreme/Olympic athletes, photographers and film makers, to luxury travel journalists, to artists and product designers; I am eager to introduce as many of them as I can to the reader. Learning about both personal and commercial motivations of these friends has opened a new world to me.

me_seo_ski_TMOMWhen I was a Virgin Traveler Before moving to Utah, I ran PR for Virgin Atlantic Airways and had some of the greatest experiences in my life working for one of the most unique and recognizable brands on the planet.  Prior to meeting my husband, falling in love and starting a family, my own life was a globetrotting dream.  I ran educational tours on private yachts around the world, mostly in the Mediterranean.  Some of the trips I ran were especially and custom arranged for families.  We would have at least 20 kids on board our yachts as we sailed through the Greek Islands learning about mythology and Greek history along the way.  Now that I am a wife and mother I can’t wait to get on the road, plane or boat and show my family what it is like to travel the world and I plan on exposing them to as many fascinating trips as I can while sharing every adventure with all of you.