rhody1A few months ago, I was fortunate to meet Erika, the woman behind the blog ‘I Heart Rhody’. She was just beginning her blog and I enjoyed hearing about her goals for the blog. So, without further ado, I introduce Erika and “the Bear”.

Erika and “the Bear” moved to Rhode Island in 2008, and they’ve been learning their way around the state ever since. From beaches to museums, restaurants, monuments, cemeteries and theaters, they want to see it all.

The blog started in January 2010 as a mother-daughter project to motivate them to get out and explore their new home state. Since then, they’ve created an extensive list of places to see, and are marking them off, one by one. They’ve reviewed restaurants, books, museums, events, venues and plenty more. Every day brings something new, with a fresh and honest viewpoint.”

They write about their experiences on I {heart} Rhody , focusing on family-friendly and inexpensive locations. Wherever they go, they share it with the reader, giving both an adult and teen perspective.