aidenmommypierwalkingWhen your kids are young, everything is an adventure for them. This makes even everyday things a great opportunity to visit fun, inexpensive places locally for educational field trips.

A recent conversation with my 2 year old had him very curious about airplanes and airports. He wanted to know how to get to Handy Manny’s house. After a few moments thought, I decided that Handy Manny must live at Disney World. My son’s next question was, “But how do we get there?” From here began a long conversation about airplanes and how they work. It ended with me promising to take him to the airport to see the airplanes.

A few days later we did just that. We live in a small town with a small local airport nearby, so we dropped in hoping to catch a few planes taking off or landing. Just our luck that there were no planes coming or going. Like most moms, I’m not easily discouraged. I ventured into the office where they charter private jets to see if anyone would be willing to let a curious toddler take a closer look at an airplane.

Not only did they agree, but they took us on a tour of all of their jets and even let the little man board and sit in the pilot’s seat on a couple! He had a great time, learned a lot and before we left even got to see an airplane take off (and tried to catch it).


If you have a curious toddler at home, consider the world through their eyes. Everything is new. Everything is wonderful. There are a world of possibilities right outside your door. Every day is an adventure just waiting to happen.