img_1168Business travel can take you to all sorts of destinations — from the hustle and bustle of major cities to secluded resorts. The recent TravelingMom Bloggers’ Convention brought many of my colleagues and me to the most magical place on Earth — Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla.

And because it was a bloggers’ convention, most of us traveled sans kids. While Disney without kids may equate to peanut butter without jelly (or chocolate) to many, to me it was a welcome change. Not only did it give me a chance to participate in grownup conversation that didn’t involve the words diapers, potty or sippy cup, it also provided a chance to see Disney World as a business traveler.

When business travel takes you to a kid-friendly destination, here’s how to cope.

Enjoy the Destination as a Grownup
Who says Disney is just for kids? Take advantage of the destination as a grownup and bypass the kiddie rides. Go ahead and get in line for the really scary roller coasters and other big-kid rides. While you’re patiently waiting, think about all the fidgeting and fussing your kids would be doing if they were there.

In addition, visit a few of the finer restaurants at the destination and enjoy a leisurely dinner. While you’re at it, order dessert and linger over a sweet treat and a cup of coffee.

Take Notes for Future Travel
While at Disney World, I noted a few rides that my kids might enjoy when we do take them, some restaurants they might like and some other must-do activities. I also took notice of some things we probably won’t want to do. On the must list: a Park Hopper ticket so that we can come and go through multiple parks during our visit.

Stock up on Souvenirs
While my kids weren’t privy to the fact that I was going to Disney World, I did pick up a few souvenirs for them. They love Mickey Mouse, so I brought back some Mickey-themed accessories that they can enjoy now.

Business travel can mean traveling to all sorts of destinations, usually without the kids. Think about the trip as a grownup getaway and make the most of it as an adult.